Signs You Need to Stop Using Your Spa

Being able to soak in your spa when you want to relax is a luxury you easily get used to. As with any form of machinery, your spa may start to degrade over time. When you capture problems early enough, it's possible to repair them. In order for that to happen, you need to pay close attention to certain signs and stop using your spa until you find a fix.

Loud Hums

Humming noises of any variety may indicate that there is an airlock somewhere in the spa's pipes. If that hum gets progressively louder, it's a sign that the airlock is worsening. Tackling the problem as early as possible can prevent damage to your spa's jets and heating system. When an airlock is in place, water cannot flow freely. Having a lack of free-flowing water can cause some of your spa parts to overwork, resulting in damage. As a temporary measure, you should stop using your spa until a repair takes place. Unless you feel confident removing the airlock yourself, it's best to call a spa repair team. They can perform a fix that doesn't risk loosening pipes.

Bad Smells

Your spa relies on a delicate balance of chemicals to remain clean. When your chemicals are no longer doing the job, you may start to notice a sulphur-like smell. If your spa smells odd, stop using it, as there's a risk of skin infections. You can take steps to resolve the issue yourself. Using a chemical shock treatment according to the manufacturer's instructions can rebalance the water's chemistry. If the problem continues, try draining and refilling the spa as well. Smells that continue after these steps are often due to an unclean filter, so you can try replacing yours. If that doesn't work, the problem may be more complex. Ask a maintenance expert to assess your spa so they can tackle the problem.

Ongoing Leaks

Spa leaks are sometimes difficult to diagnose. Unless you can pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from, it's hard to perform a fix that resolves the issue. When your spa is leaking, it's telling you that a pipe or gasket needs a fix. Continuing to use the spa while it's leaking may result in the affected part degrading even further, resulting in expensive repairs. Turn the spa off when you notice a leak and ask a repair person to assess the damage. Usually, the fixes are simple for them, because they understand the spa's mechanics.

Finally, if you notice any error codes, check the manufacturer's manual before continuing to use your spa. Manuals offer advice on when you can tackle the issue yourself and will indicate when you need to call a professional.

For more information about spa repair, contact a local company.

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