Using a saltwater system to clean your swimming pool: is it a suitable option in 2020?

Saltwater systems have become more popular in recent years. By using a salt cell to strategically produce chlorine, the process becomes more convenient, effective, and reliable. Many pool owners also find that this cleaning process results in a more natural-looking and comfortable pool to swim in. However, saltwater systems still use chlorine as the main cleaning agent.

The potential risks of chlorine are well-known, especially when used in high concentrations. The good news is that saltwater cleaning is more targeted and requires attention to detail during implementation. Here are several reasons why using saltwater systems to clean your swimming pool is still a good option in 2020.

1.    Make the swimming experience enjoyable

Saltwater systems dispense chlorine in controlled amounts that are less likely to irritate the skin. If you're looking for a cleaning agent that's powerful on dirt yet gentle on the skin, saltwater cleaning is the way to go. These systems use more than just one cleaning reagent to eliminate germs. In fact, saltwater setups use a combination of acids, bases, and stabilisers to control chlorine activity inside your pool.

The aim is to counterbalance chlorine levels with alkaline materials and salts so that you experience minimal irritation around the eyes, nose, or skin. During the cleaning process, chlorine oxidises dirt particles to keep your pool clean. The cocktail of materials used in saltwater cleaning will lengthen the activity of chlorine even at low concentrations.

2.    Aesthetic appeal

Saltwater systems also produce natural-looking water. Are you tired of the artificial blue or algae-looking deep green colour that's characteristic of most swimming pools? Saltwater cleaning uses controlled amounts of chemicals to give your pool a natural, greenish-blue colouration. This theme is more fun and uplifting than other chlorinated pools, especially when reflecting light from the sun on a warm day.

3.    Keep your pool cleaner

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded most homeowners just how important hygiene can be. Saltwater systems are more thorough in cleaning your pool from debris, germs, and other types of dirt. In fact, the maintenance process of saltwater cleaning is more involved, requiring pool cleaners to use and balance many different cleaning components on a regular basis. Rather than thinking of this as a nuisance, consider it a necessary step towards keeping your family safe.

4.    Protect your investment

Installing a swimming pool is a significant investment for most homeowners. Saltwater cleaning provides a targeted, effective technique for keeping your pool structure in good shape for many years to come. By controlling the pH, chlorine levels, and other variables during the cleaning process, you gain more control over your pool and its sanitation.

To learn more about swimming pool cleaning, contact a pool contractor.

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