Recognising If It Is Time for Replacing Your Pool Pump's Filter

You may not pay much attention to your swimming pool's pump filter, but it is one of the most hardworking components of your pool. The filter ensures that all the water being pumped is cleaned so that your pool remains conducive for swimming. The usual maintenance measure to keep the filter functioning is to clean it on occasion. Nonetheless, filters are not immune to damage. Over time, the filter can become compromised, which in turn will negatively impact the performance of the pool pump and possibly cause irreparable damage and have you replacing the entire pump system altogether. To avoid this misfortune, here are signs to help you recognise if it is time to replace your pool pump's filter.

The cartridge has visible holes

Physical damage to the pump's filters tends to happen due to the water pressure. As the filter ages, the pressure starts to cause the material and the pleats that it is made up of to strain. This pressure, coupled with the contaminants being filtered out of the water, will accelerate the deterioration of the filter, and holes will start to form on its surface. The more holes on the filter, the more pollutants make their way back into your pool water, and you will notice the pool is looking dirtier by the day. A visual inspection will help you ascertain that filter replacement is imperative.

The pump pressure is increased

When your pool pump is being installed, the pool contractors will set it at a specific psi. When this psi begins to become higher than normal, it should alert you to the fact that water flowing through the filter is being impeded. If the issue is minor, simply rinsing your pump's filter should resolve the problem. But when you notice there is no change in the rising pressure levels, it is crucial to call a pool contractor, who will replace the filter's cartridge altogether.

The cartridge pleats are discoloured

The pleats making up your filter's cartridge will eventually change colour over time. This can be attributed to normal stains from the pollutants that the filter is eliminating from the water. When you clean the filter, the stains should come off easily. However, when you start to notice that the pleats are getting more discoloured over time, even with an occasional cleaning, it could mean that whatever the filter is trying to eliminate has not stopped leaching into your pool water. While in some cases this may not be a serious issue, it is best to err on the safe side and have a pool contractor install a new cartridge just to be clear of a bigger problem down the road.

For more information about pool pumps, contact a pool contractor.

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