Does the Water Feel Strange in Your Hot Tub? How to Clean the Filter

Cleaning your spa ensures that you get quality experience when using it. There are parts that need to be cleaned daily while others may need a prolonged interval. This will be determined by how often the spa is used. Taking care of parts like filters not only facilitates cleanliness, but also ensures that your hot tub lasts for a while. There are essential things that you must consider before you embark on the process of cleaning the filter. The following guidelines will be useful to you.

Disassemble the Filter

You need to know the location of the filter and the procedure of removing it. The initial and most important step is switching off power before beginning the process. Read the user manual to help you with some ideas you may not have about getting the object out of its position. Check if the filter is locked with screws or if it can be unlocked by bare hands. Turn it in the right direction and check for any dirt on it. You must also ascertain that the cartridges are in good shape.

Use the Right Cleaning Agent

There are several materials you can use during the process and you need to identify which ones will serve you appropriately. Depending on availability and cost, select the right cleaning agent and learn how to use it. Vinegar is one of the things you can use to wash the filter. When using vinegar, you need to mix it with water to create a solution. The filter is then immersed in the mixture to allow the dirt to dissolve. You can use a special material to scrub the pleats to remove any debris. Detergents can also be used a substitute to vinegar.

Use the Correct Filter

You need to use the right filter from the manufacturer of you spa. Avoid blockages and regular replacements by using the recommended gadget. Ask the manufacturers where you can find genuine products to use. Filters are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the company that makes it. Ensure that you always install the right filter when making replacements.

Hire Expert Cleaners

If you are not familiar with the process of getting rid of dirt from your filter, then you can procure the services of professionals. This will ensure that your spa is well maintained. Professional cleaners will also advice you on the best practices to keep the tub in good shape, as well as provide the proper spa parts you need to keep your hot tub in good condition.

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