Your Essential Guide to Maintaining Your Swimming Pool Filter

Having a pool in your back yard is both a privilege and a joy. If you want to ensure yours remains safe to enjoy, engaging in swimming pool filter maintenance is essential. From changing cartridges through to cleaning the sand, engaging in small preventative tasks throughout the year can reduce the amount of money you spend on repairs and replacements.

Limit the amount of debris that will enter your filter

If you benefit from a yard that features plenty of foliage, you'll need to spend time clearing debris from your pool. While leaves and flowers may seem innocuous, they can soon turn into sludge, which then clogs your filter. In addition to reducing its efficacy, sludge also forces the machinery to work harder. As a result, it's likely to reach burnout faster, forcing you to purchase a new one sooner than is necessary. To avoid premature replacements, dedicate a couple of hours each week to fishing debris from the pool. Additionally, consider using a cover to prevent foliage becoming an issue in the first place.

Change the sand on a regular basis

If your pool features a sand filter, the good news is that you don't need to change it too often. Generally, you can change your sand every five years and still enjoy clean pool water. However, you may want to check the pressure of the inlet and outlet pipes on an annual basis. If the inlet pipe has a higher pressure reading than the outlet, there's debris inside the system that's making the sand filter less effective. As such, you'll need to backwash the system to remove any clogs.

Consider back washing on a monthly basis anyway

While some pools won't suffer without regular back washing, doing so on a monthly basis could work to your advantage. It takes a lot of dirt and debris to clog your system, and by back washing you'll prevent unnecessary clogs from happening in the first place. Set a day each month on your calendar and spend a little time back washing to prolong your filter's shelf life.

While focusing on monthly maintenance, consider clearing out the filter basket manually. Doing so before you back wash makes the latter task more effective, allowing you to get more from your maintenance time.

If you're a proud pool owner, taking some time to treasure your filter is the easiest way to enjoy your installation. With a little effort, you can reduce the likelihood of paying for expensive repairs. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Leisure Coast Pool Centre.

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