Frame Of Mind: Should You Install A Frameless Glass Fence Around Your Swimming Pool?

Installing a robust fence around your swimming pool isn't just a handy way to gain a little privacy and keep thirsty wildlife out of your yard; it's also a legal requirement. Numerous nasty cases of wandering children drowning after falling into unprotected outdoor pools prompted swift government legislation, and every outdoor pool in Australia must be surrounded by a fence that meets a strict set of mandatory guidelines.

However, meeting these requirements doesn't mean you have to install an ugly, utilitarian fence around your pool, and glass pool fencing is a popular choice that effectively marries safety to cool, contemporary looks. Frameless glass fences are particularly popular for their sleek, unobtrusive appearance and modernist flair, and they can be an excellent addition to any poolside. However, while these unique glass fences have many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to installing them, so you should make sure you know what you're getting into before investing in a frameless glass fence.

What are the advantages of choosing a frameless glass fence?

Attractive looks

The most obvious advantage of a frameless glass pool fence is their unique looks, and a frameless glass fence can look even more beautiful than a more conventional, framed glass fence. Their minimalist looks also allow them to complement a wide variety of pool designs, and they look just as good surrounding a traditional tiled pool as a modern pool with a glass bead finish. 

Do not block sunlight

Frameless glass fencing will not put your pool in the shade whatever time of day you choose to go for a dip, and allow even more sunlight into your poolside area than a framed glass fence. This is particularly useful if you're fond of early-morning or late-evening swimming and will decrease your reliance on artificial lighting.


Frameless glass fences are also far tougher than they appear, as they are made from panes of tempered glass that can withstand far harsher impacts than many timber or vinyl fences. Minimising framework also reduces the amount of metal used to create your fence, which will minimise issues with rust.

Virtually impossible to climb

For your fence to meet government regulations, it needs to be free of handholds and footholds that allow the fence to be climbed easily. The smooth, featureless surfaces of frameless glass fence meet these regulations with aplomb, and make the fence almost impossible to climb.

What are the disadvantages of choosing a frameless glass fence?

Privacy issues

Obviously, a fence made almost entirely from sheets of transparent glass won't provide much in the way of privacy, and frameless glass fences provide even less visual obstruction than their framed counterparts. Choosing a fence made with panes of tinted glass can help alleviate this issue but will reduce the amount of sunlight shining on your pool when the sun is low in the sky.

Vulnerable to scratches

Tempered glass may be enormously tough, but it is still vulnerable to superficial damage and can be marred by scratches and scuffs. Shallow scratches and scrapes can be masked relatively easily using fillers, but deeper scratches can only be fixed by replacing the entire damaged pane.

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