Water Features You Can Consider For Your New Swimming Pool

Swimming pools have, undeniably, becoming a must-have for a majority of Australian homeowners. A pool does not only provide you with a perfect outdoor entertaining area, but you can also improve your health by swimming on a regular basis. When deliberating on pool construction, there are a host of decisions that you have to make ranging from what type of materials you want to a design suited to your residence.

One decision, however, that is often overlooked is to have a water feature constructed. Water features need to be decided prior to pool construction because your contractors will have to install the proper pipework for these features to work. If you have not considered a water feature for your pool construction project, read on for a few types that will be an ideal choice.

A fountain

Fountains, granted, are typically constructed in gardens or entryways, so you may not be visualising this feature in your swimming pool. Nonetheless, fountains are steadily becoming a sought-after water feature since they are available in a range of styles. If your budget is limited, you could choose a simple jet fountain that will not need complicated installation. Alternatively, if you have a flexible budget, an opulent fountain will evoke a feeling of luxury in your pool area! 

A water wall

Water walls are deemed one of the contemporary features that you could choose for your pool. Water walls are characterised by their sleek, clean lines that exude a calming effect to your pool area. The modern design of water walls is perfect for geometrically shaped swimming pools so if this is your chosen pool design, a water wall will be a perfect inclusion. Although water walls are sometimes confused with waterfalls, the primary difference you should be aware of is that the water cascades down a flat, vertical surface rather than over rocks.

Several deck jets

As the name implies, these water features shoot pool water vertically only for the stream of water to arc back down into the pool. Thus, deck jets are one of the more fun water features that you could choose for your swimming pool. Unlike water walls that require you to choose one side of your swimming pool for their installation, deck jets can be installed virtually anywhere along the perimeter of your pool. Moreover, deck jets are versatile enough to customise to your own preference, which can bolster the visual appeal of your swimming pool. For instance, in-built LED lights will provide you with different coloured deck jets, which will make a stunning visual at night!

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